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Select committee reiterates the need for Dog Control Notices
Veterinary Record's clinical research editor
Consultation raises concerns about plans for surveillance
RCVS calls on MPs to protect the ‘veterinary nurse’ title
Focus on food security at the AVTRW'S annual conference
Schmallenberg virus continues to spread across Europe
VMD authorises SBV vaccine for use in the UK
CAWC looks at ways of raising awareness of pet animals' needs
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Ovine obstetrics
Puerperal development of ewes following dystocia
Veterinarians' role for pet owners facing pet loss
Identification of a new reovirus causing substantial losses in broiler production in France, despite routine vaccination of breeders
Mycoplasma species isolated from intramammary infection of Japanese dairy cows
Molecular characterisation of calicivirus and astrovirus in puppies with enteritis
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Diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions
Quick reference on infectious diseases and parasites
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BVA policy on bovine TB and badger control
Proposed ban on wild animals in circuses
Postoperative pain relief following cruciate ligament repair surgery in dogs