Fundamental changes
AHVLA seeks views on its plans to reform OV training and assessment
Defra issues draft advice on enforcing antisocial behaviour measures
BVA President calls for vets to be at the heart of food supply chain initiatives
European reform of pig meat inspections to go ahead
Beef product testing results
Pilot badger culls to be extended
Applications invited for badger vaccination grant in Wales
Prescribing, dispensing and welfare
News in brief
Welsh minister urges voluntary ban on sky lanterns
Vet suspended from the Register for falsifying clinical records
Science and networking at AVTRW meeting in Ireland
Selecting the right students
The influence of interview on decision making and selection of prospective veterinary undergraduate students
A novel zoometric index for assessing body composition in adult rabbits
Distribution of serotypes and genotypes of Salmonella enterica species in French pig production
Prevalence of seropositive sheep within flocks where Schmallenberg Virus infection was suspected or confirmed
A cost comparison of faecal egg count-directed anthelmintic delivery versus interval programme treatments in horses
Selected highlights from other journals
British Veterinary Association annual general meeting 2013
British Veterinary Association
Question time
Marek's disease in commercial turkey flocks
Mycobacterium bovis in an Egyptian mongoose
Closure of the Mid-West Veterinary Association
Veterinary Benevolent Fund bungalows
Survey on the recognition and management of pain in cattle