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Antimicrobial resistance
EMA reflects on the risk of transferring resistance from pets to people
Advice for farmers in the edge area on timing of new TB controls
WSAVA and OIE call for action on rabies
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Pig vet recognised for services to the industry
Northern Ireland disease surveillance report, July to September 2013
Promoting prudent antimicrobial use in the veterinary field
Factors influencing antibiotic prescribing habits and use of sensitivity testing amongst veterinarians in Europe
Bovine respiratory syncytial virus
Fatal epicarditis in a hen harrier (Circus cyaneus) a red-listed bird of high conservation concern in Britain associated with Cyathostoma species and Escherichia coli infection
Canine distemper virus antibody test alone increases misdiagnosis of distemper encephalitis
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Pre-exposure rabies immunisation
Audiogenic reflex seizures in cats
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