Developing One Health
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Testing for illegal drug use in animals
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Playing a part in the future of the profession
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The evolution of One Health
Salmonella infection and carriage
Serovars, bacteriophage types and antimicrobial sensitivities associated with salmonellosis in dogs in the UK (1954–2012)
Cardiorespiratory, anaesthetic and recovery effects of morphine combined with medetomidine and alfaxalone in rabbits
Mycobacteriosis outbreak caused by Mycobacterium avium subsp. avium detected through meat inspection in five porcine fattening farms
Serological evidence of infection of dogs with human influenza viruses in Japan
Selected highlights from other veterinary journals
British Veterinary Association
Veterinary contribution to food production
Mass mortality of starlings
Great ape mortality study
Origins of ‘one medicine’