Tender relationships
AHVLA invites tenders for TB testing and other veterinary services
New Secretary of State at Defra
Ability to use antibiotics preventively must be maintained, says BVA
Research into TB vaccination ‘will not be hindered by lack of resources’
New RCVS Charter approved at AGM
FAO identifies top 10 foodborne parasites
News in brief
Cases of ASF confirmed in Latvia
Construction of avian diseases laboratory gets underway at Pirbright
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One Health in action
An alternative to surgical desexing in ferrets
Use of a GnRH agonist implant as alternative for surgical neutering in pet ferrets
Characteristics of replacement breeding cattle trade in Great Britain
Ultrasonographic anatomy of the sacrococcygeal region and ultrasound-guided epidural injection at the sacrococcygeal space in dogs
Treatment of peroneal paralysis with transposition of vastus lateralis muscle in calves
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Bovine orthopaedic conditions
Veterinary Anaesthesia updated
Books received
British Veterinary Association
Disciplinary committee
Non-stun slaughter
Confirmation of LA-MRSA in pigs in the UK
Confirmation of myxomatosis in a European brown hare in Great Britain
Feline diabetes mellitus study