Engaged with ethics
Diary of a parliamentary intern
Pet travel and illegal trade
VETERINARY MEDICINES: Fall in veterinary antibiotics sales positive but small, says VMD
RED TAPE: Efforts to cut red tape must not go too far, warns BVA
FOOD SAFETY: Campylobacter in chickens: retailers failing to meet reduction targets
RCVS DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE: Vet restored to the RCVS Register
ANIMAL HEALTH: Vaccinations ticked off thanks to donation
News in brief
BVA CONGRESS: Surveillance, puppy imports and risk-based trading - where do we stand?
BVA CONGRESS: Dangerous dogs: culprits or victims?
VETERINARY MEDICINES: Veterinary medicines: product update
EDITORIAL: Checklists in veterinary anaesthesia: why bother?
Paper: Vitamin E supplementation in canine atopic dermatitis: improvement of clinical signs and effects on oxidative stress markers
Paper: Development of a novel in vitro method for drug development for fish; application to test efficacy of antimicrosporidian compounds
Short Communication: Limited genetic divergence between dog breeds from geographically isolated countries
Short Communication: Detection of Chlamydia psittaci in Belgian cattle with signs of respiratory disease and milk drop syndrome
Selected highlights from other journals
Common cat problems: BSAVA Manual of Feline Practice: A Foundation Manual
Governance of livestock disease: The Regulation of Animal Health and Welfare: Science, Law and Policy
Mating from the male perspective: Mating Males: An Evolutionary Perspective on Mammalian Reproduction
Essential skills for animal care assistants: Textbook for the Veterinary Assistant
Books received
BVA: Nominations open for BVA Council elections
RCVS: Open day for potential recruits to RCVS statutory committees
PROFESSION: Women as leaders and entrepreneurs
VETERINARY EDUCATION: RCVS guide to student behaviour
CANINE HEALTH: DNA screening for Lafora's disease in miniature wire-haired dachshunds
Lobbying MPs and promoting the profession in Parliament
Council elections and committee news
Students: help fund your overseas project with a travel grant
Exciting changes to BVA's CPD in 2015
AWF begins annual vet school tour
YOUNG VET NETWORK: Graduate reunions
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