Born to be a VN
Diary of a parliamentary intern
Learning from each other
Veterinary prescriptions
APHA survey indicates that farmers are satisfied with its services
RCVS requests CPD records from 800 RVNs
Vigilance urged after H7N7 outbreak
News in Brief
Breach of code on the promotion of medicines
Vet retires after 37 years with the PDSA
‘Findings of fact’ announced in adjourned disciplinary hearing
Trial investigates live food for broilers
Progress on pig health and welfare
‘Lancaster weekend’ develops an international flavour
Increasingly exotic . . .
Bovine astrovirus associated with encephalitis in cattle
Anaesthetising pigs
Influence of age and body mass on the response of adolescent male pigs to anaesthesia
Indirect assessment of stifle angle for improved accuracy of preoperative planning of tibial osteotomy procedures in dogs
Effect of early lactation foot trimming in lame and non-lame dairy heifers
Selected Highlights from other Journals
British veterinary association
RCVS honours
Proposed closure of Inverness disease surveillance centre
Proposed closure of Inverness disease surveillance centre
Granulomatous lymphadenitis caused by Nocardia species in hunted wild boar (Sus scrofa) in Portugal
Study into sterile neutrophilic-macrophagic lymphadenitis in the English springer spaniel
Smaller bottle for methadone analgesic
Concentrated NSAID for large animals
Insecticide spray with augmented reality
Broad-spectrum parasiticide for dogs
Disinfectant for routine use in cattle footbaths
Emergency dog wipes
Aftercare service for PPID cases