Giving your heart to pathology
Diary of a (new) parliamentary intern
Winning discoveries
Insurer to go ahead with preferred referral network
Students’ aptitude rewarded
BVA supports veterinary charities
New TB rules for non-bovine animals in Scotland
Defra seeks a dialogue on animal import controls
Annual charity challenge ‘the best so far’
Cooperating on animal disease and zoonosis research
Tackling illegal pet imports
News in brief
Enterprise awards presented
Pine marten project gets underway
Sheep – and sun – in Scotland
A busy year for the BVA
Clostridium perfringens infections – a diagnostic challenge
Clostridium perfringens type-D enterotoxaemia in cattle
Botulinum toxin type A as an adjunct in postoperative pain management in dogs undergoing radical mastectomy
Benazepril in dogs with asymptomatic mitral valve disease
Plasma derived colostrum and life expectancy in calves
Selected highlights from other journals
BVA Board vacancy
British Veterinary Association
Shortage of experienced vets
Shortage of experienced vets
What is cure?
What is cure?
Developing the RCVS fellowship
Evidence-based veterinary medicine
Ear gel to treat otitis externa in dogs
Liver supplement for dogs and cats
Injectable anaesthetic back in stock
Diagnosing swine influenza
Screening for thyroid disorders
PCV-2 vaccine licensed for pregnant and lactating sows
Treating bacterial infections