Working in government service
Pressing ahead on bovine TB
Low-risk area of England ‘on track’ for OTF status
Badger culling
Defra seeks views on strengthening dog breeding and pet sales regulations
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Insurer launches its preferred referral network
European animal health law enters the final straight
Adding value – and being visible – in public health and food production
Farriers and vets learn together
Food production and climate change
Veterinary medicines update
Veterinary engagement in the charity sector
Welfare assessments for long-term housing in animal shelters
Development of a new welfare assessment protocol for practical application in long-term dog shelters
Dental pathology in conventionally fed and pasture managed dairy cattle
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British Veterinary Association
BVA/Kennel Club Canine Health Schemes
Association of Charity Vets
Use of antibiotics in animals and people
Movement disorder in young weimaraners
Be a voice of the veterinary profession
Changing the way we elect the BVA officers
Working together to raise awareness of microchipping requirements
Developing the Young Vet Network
Students, broaden your horizons by applying for a travel grant
End of term report from a rep on BVA Council
Encouraging health and welfare in breeding dogs
BVA support for the new practice standards scheme