An expert generalist
Diary of a parliamentary intern
Preparing for new diseases
Overcoming barriers to developing and using new vaccines
PED to be made notifiable in Scotland
RSPCA ‘shocked’ by the scale of dog imports to the UK
APHA scientists recognised for their work during the Ebola crisis
BVA seeks clarity in KPIs in Northern Ireland's TB testing contract
Scottish LPAI outbreak linked to wild birds
New case of HPAI reported in the USA
AHT sets out to create the UK's largest canine genome bank
OIE's new director general sets out its plans
Guidance on assessing the fitness of pigs for transport
Learning about disease surveillance
‘MOTs’ to help raise owners’ awareness of animals’ welfare needs
Investigating whale strandings
News in brief
Feline calicivirus strain diversity in Europe — the ‘star-like’ tree
European molecular epidemiology and strain diversity of feline calicivirus
Recovery of chronically lame dairy cows following treatment for claw horn lesions
Selected highlights from other journals
Clinical Decision Making
Collecting the evidence for EBVM
Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae management in gilts
British Veterinary Association
Excess dietary copper
Routine antibiotic dry cow therapy
Movement of game birds from rearing fields
Movement of game birds from rearing fields
Veterinary involvement in poultry research
Reptile survey
Nutraceutical project
Henry Schein to acquire RxWorks
Online social media training module
Low-dose sheep drench applicator