My year as a Fulbrighter
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Shaping up for the future
RCVS tries to answer questions on the possible implications of Brexit
BVA seeks reassurance on the status of EU vets in the UK
Welsh Government to seek financial guarantees following Brexit vote
Biosecurity best practice advice for the farming community
Meeting the challenges of veterinary services provision in Scotland
African swine fever on a commercial pig farm in Poland
Funding sought for further development of African horse sickness vaccine
Sanofi and Boehringer Ingelheim agree to swap businesses
Badger TVR project continues in Northern Ireland despite shortage of BCG vaccine
Aquaculture accreditation for NI vet
Edinburgh to create a new academy for agriculture and food security
FVE sets out its position on antibiotic resistance
Preventing aggressive behaviour in dogs
News in Brief
Companion animal medicine
Failure of maternal colostral antibody transfer in lambs linked to excess dietary iodine
Colostrum in neonatal calves
Relationship between selected perinatal paratuberculosis management interventions and passive transfer of immunity in dairy calves
Absence of Rift Valley fever virus in domestic and wild ruminants from Spain
Detection of Chlamydiales DNA in questing ticks
Selected highlights from other veterinary journals
British veterinary association
Mind Matters courses
Canine parvovirus study
Transmission of antimicrobial resistance from animals to people
Case of canine ocular thelaziosis in the UK
Photography project
Technology aims to help skin defend itself
Online access to pack inserts
TV ad campaign for Feliway
New online portal for vets and nurses
Injectable oxytetracycline
Silage wrap
Dog bowl that stays put