A vet with a vision
Student diary (about to be a third-year)
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Medicines and Brexit
CCTV uptake in abattoirs ‘may have plateaued’, says FSA
Investigation reveals daily breaches of welfare regulations in slaughterhouses
‘Overwhelming response’ to tick survey
Scottish Government seeks views on new equine identification rules
Study finds that the UK equine population is ageing
Researchers seek to understand the role of badgers in spreading TB in Edge areas
Practical CPD for new grads
Cats deserve pain relief too
CPD records requested
Veterinary medicines update
‘Reliable, fast and simple’ test for AHS
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Being a vet ‘means much more than solely being a clinician’
New RCVS President calls on vets and vet nurses to ‘wear their badge with pride’
Technology and the profession
RCVS honours and awards
What is causing smothering in laying hens?
Smothering in UK free-range flocks. Part 2 : investigating correlations between disease, housing and management practices
An evaluation of the experiences of guide dog owners visiting Scottish veterinary practices
Selected highlights from other veterinary journals
Should vets be concerned about biodiversity loss?
British veterinary association
BVA Members' Day, exclusive viewings
Dearth of evidence for EBVM
Tongue worm (Linguatula species) in stray dogs imported into the UK
Survey on illegal dog fighting
Urinary incontinence in dogs
Splittable prednisolone tablet for dogs and cats
Bigger bottle for oral solution for feline kidney disease treatment
New indication for antibiotic
Advice on preventing and managing disease in horses
Zero day egg withdrawal period for mycoplasmosis product
Reducing inflammation in horses
Pheromone renamed