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Monitoring antibiotic-resistant bacteria in meat
RUMA urges G20 to recognise the complexity of AMR
G20 summit agrees to take action on antimicrobial resistance
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Student ambassadors learn about the science of pet nutrition
Industry vision for veterinary medicines regulation
Mission Rabies founder to receive WSAVA's One Health Award
REACT to spot early signs of equine colic
Royal opening for new veterinary hospital at Battersea
Surveys highlight the dangers of unrestrained pets in cars
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‘Standing on the shoulders of giants’ at the ISAE international congress
What is causing limber tail syndrome in labrador retrievers?
Cumulative incidence and risk factors for limber tail in the Dogslife labrador retriever cohort
Herd owners’ experiences of a voluntary Johne's disease eradication programme in Ireland
Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serovar 8 predominates in England and Wales
Treatment of T cell lymphoma in dogs
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Does inclusion of glutamine in oral rehydration solutions improve recovery from mild to moderate diarrhoea in preweaned calves?
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Secondary nutritional hyperparathyroidism in Bengal cats
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BVA position on bovine TB and badger culls
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