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Advice for backyard poultry keepers as further case of HPAI confirmed
Review highlights knowledge gaps on antimicrobial resistance
Enhanced checks prevent puppies travelling illegally from Northern Ireland
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Time to #DoSomethingForNothing in 2017?
Final-year student becomes an associate fellow of the Higher Education Academy
UK vaccine supplier acquired by German life sciences company
Do dogs bite without warning, or should we see it coming?
Deadline approaches for nominations to RCVS Council and VN Council
Veterinary nurse suspended for failing to respond to requests for CPD records
World Horse Welfare's chairman retires
Disease surveillance in England and Wales, December 2016
Congenital tremor associated with atypical porcine pestivirus
Managing the spread of canine leishmaniosis in Europe
Management, prevention and treatment of canine leishmaniosis in north-eastern Spain
How well do farmers know their badgers? Relating farmer knowledge to ecological survey data
Effect of lingual gauze swab placement on pulse oximeter readings in anaesthetised dogs and cats
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British Veterinary Association
Blood cholesterol concentrations in dairy calves
‘Golden rules’ for treating Addison's disease
New pack size for BVD vaccine
Pocket-sized microchip reader
Two-in-one treatment for bovine respiratory disease
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