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Next steps on licensing
RSPCA to retain its right to bring prosecutions
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BTV-8 outbreaks continue in France
Encouraging senior professionals to speak up on mental health issues
New president for BVA's Northern Ireland Branch
Disciplinary Committee takes no further action in case against vet
Celebrating wellbeing in practice
CT scan reveals reason for buoyancy issues in stranded turtle
Referral practice and children's hospital form One Health partnership
A new platform for government vets
Disease surveillance in England and Wales, January 2017
Alimentary and respiratory disease trends for calves, 2011 to 2016
Geography matters
Developing a risk-based trading scheme for cattle in England
Mapping discussion of canine obesity between veterinary surgeons and dog owners
Treponema species in the subgingival microflora of ovine periodontitis
Owner perception of focal seizures in canine epilepsy
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Dealing with companion and aviary birds in practice
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Lameness due to toe-tip necrosis syndrome in beef calves
AHDB Dairy Mastitis Control Plan
A Commonwealth joint venture to ‘beef up Brexit’?
Farmers' perception of badger activity
Sacrifice and slaughter
Easier dosing and dispensing for dogs with epilepsy
New look for dental health solution
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Practice-based equine CPD
Interest-free loans for pet treatment
Digestion support paste gets a new name
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