Activities of Enzymes Related to the Malate–Aspartate Shuttle in the Blood Cells of Thoroughbred Horses Undergoing Training Exercise

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The activities of the enzymes related to the malate–aspartate shuttle, which convert cytosolic NADH into mitochondrial NADH, were measured in red and white blood cells from thoroughbred horses undergoing continuous training (race horses) and compared with those in blood cells from riding horses. The activities of malate dehydrogenase (MDH), a rate-limiting enzyme for the malate-aspartate shuttle, were significantly elevated in the white blood cells (WBC) from race horses compared with those from riding horses. There were no significant differences in the activities of the enzymes in the red blood cells between race horses and riding horses. This increase in the MDH activity in their WBC is considered to reflect the increased metabolic activity in the race horses resulting from the training.

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