Demonstration of Heterogeneous Genotypes of Taylorella equigenitalis Isolated from Horses in Six European Countries by Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis

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Forty-six isolates of Taylorella equigenitalis were analysed by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) after separate digestion of the genomic DNA with ApaI and with NotI. The isolates had been obtained from horses in six European countries and were classified into 18 genotypes. In Belgium, 2 genotypes were detected in 2 isolates, in England 9 among 15, in Finland 2 in 2, in France 2 among 10, in Sweden 3 among 5, and in Switzerland 3 among 12. Two English isolates and 4 French isolates gave identical PFGE profiles to those of Kentucky 188 from the United States. A common genotype was found in 5 isolates from Belgium and England and also in 10 isolates from France and Switzerland. The analysis of genomic DNA from 12 isolates of T. equigenitalis obtained from male horses in France, Sweden and Switzerland gave no evidence of a sex-related difference in the genomic DNA. Genomic DNA from 11 streptomycin (STM)-susceptible isolates obtained in Sweden and Switzerland were classified into four genotypes by PFGE. Each of the six genotypes determined among the 17 isolates from these two countries had single phenotypes for resistance or susceptibility to STM.

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