The Disposition Kinetics, Urinary Excretion and Dosage Regimen of Ciprofloxacin in Buffalo Calves (Bubalus bubalis)

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The disposition kinetics, urinary excretion and a dosage regimen for ciprofloxacin after a single intravenous administration of 5 mg/kg was investigated in 5 healthy buffalo calves. The disposition kinetics were best fitted to a three-compartment open model. After 1 min, the concentration of ciprofloxacin in plasma was 8.50±0.39 μg/ml and the minimum therapeutic concentration was maintained for 10 h. The elimination half-life and volume of distribution were 3.88 and 0.08 h and 3.97±0.22 L/kg, respectively. The total body clearance and T/P ratio were 0.709±0.025 L/kg per h and 6.13±0.54, respectively. Approximately 28.3% of the total administered dose of ciprofloxacin was recovered in urine within 24 h of administration. To maintain a minimum therapeutic plasma concentration of 0.10 μg/ml, a satisfactory intravenous dosage regimen of ciprofloxacin, computed on the basis of disposition kinetic data obtained in healthy buffalo calves, would be 3 mg/kg repeated at 12 h intervals.

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