Feline Ubiquitin Fusion Protein Genes

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Using cDNA from a CRFK cell line as a template, PCR amplification was performed with the Ub1S and poly(dT) primers to isolate feline ubiquitin genes. Sequencing of the 495 bp PCR fragment revealed that the putative amino acids induced by this fragment gave a fusion protein consisting of a ubiquitin polypeptide (76 amino acids) and an extension protein of ribosomal proteins L40 (52 amino acids). The putative amino acid sequence of ubiquitin was identical to those of humans, rats and pigs.The recombinant glutathione S-transferase (GST)–feline ubiquitin fusion proteins were produced in Escherichia coli and purified. The fusion proteins had a molecular weight of about 42 kDa and were detected by immunoblot assay with rabbit anti-ubiquitin antiserum.The mRNAs from heat-shocked and non-heat-shocked cells were subjected to RT-PCR (Ub1S and poly(dT) primers) analysis. The molecular weights of the ubiquitinated proteins in heat-shocked CFRK cells were between 18 kDa and 24 kDa by immunoblot assay.These results suggested that there were more ubiquinated proteins in the heat-shocked CRFK cells than in the pre-heat-shocked cells.

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