Comparison of Sampling Procedures for Isolating Pulmonary Mycoplasmas in Cattle
The Activity Ratio of the Cytosolic MDH/LDH and the Isoenzyme Pattern of LDH in the Peripheral Leukocytes of Dogs, Cats and Rabbits
Changes in Activities of Enzymes Related to Energy Metabolism in Testicular Tissues of Dogs with Seminoma
Observations on Haemoglobin Types in Three Breeds of Omani Goats
Influence of Age and Breed on Natural Bovine Fasciolosis in an Endemic Area (Galicia, NW Spain)
Endometrial Tissue Concentrations of Enrofloxacin after Intrauterine Administration to Mares
Accumulation of Sapogenin Conjugates and Histological Changes in the Liver and Kidneys of Lambs Suffering from Alveld, a Hepatogenous Photosensitization Disease of Sheep Grazing Narthecium ossifragum
Comparative Impact of Live Chicken Infectious Anaemia Virus Vaccine versus Natural Exposure in Meat Chicken Breeders on Immunity to Infectivity by CIA and Inclusion Body Hepatitis Viruses in Their Offspring
Susceptibility of Bovine Umbilical Cord Endothelial Cells to Bovine Herpesviruses and Pseudocowpox Virus