A Protective Effect of Vitamin E and Selenium in Ameliorating the Immunotoxicity of Malathion in Chicks

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A study was conducted to determine whether a combination of vitamin E and selenium was able to counteract the immunosuppressive effects of chronic toxicity of malathion in chicks. The chicks were divided into three groups. The first group received malathion 10 mg/kg body weight; the second group received the same dose of malathion but was supplemented with vitamin E and selenium for 60 days; and the third group served as the control. The concentration of total immunoglobulins and circulatory immune complexes decreased following the administration of malathion, whereas the supplementation of the diet with vitamin E and selenium partially counteracted this effect. The histopathological changes in the bursa of Fabricius due to malathion were consistent with these findings. Supplementation with vitamin E and selenium partially ameliorated the degenerative changes in the bursa of Fabricius.

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