Macroanatomy of coronary arteries in Bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus)

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The aim of present study was to determine the origin, distribution and course of the coronary arteries in Bactrian camels. Ten hearts of adult healthy Bactrian camels of different sex constituted the material. Following exposition of the arteries by means of injection of 15% ABS coloured with red carmine to a. coronaria sinistra and a. coronaria dextra, dissection was performed. The arterial vascularization of the heart in Bactrian camels was determined to be supplied by a. coronaria sinistra and a. coronaria dextra which originate from the aorta. The results showed that ramus interventricularis subsinuosus is one branch of a. coronaria dextra in Bactrian camels, which is characteristic of a. coronaria dextra pattern. Ramus septi interventricularis that supplied the interventricular septum mainly originates from ramus interventricular paraconalis. Two muscular bridges ware observed crossing ramus interventricular paraconalis in the middle third of sulcus interventricularis paraconalis. Muscular bridge was not found above ramus interventricularis subsinuosus in this study.

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