Providing an intelligible explanation to pet owners by using three-dimensional CT images: Use of clinical imaging for better informed consent

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The purpose of the study reported here was to discuss the level of intelligibility of three-dimensional computed tomography (3D-CT) images of clinical patients for persons who are lacking veterinary knowledge. 143 undergraduate students were participated in this study. They were entirely unfamiliar with veterinary anatomy. A survey was conducted using the visual analog scale method with a focus on the level of intelligibility of the 3D-CT images compared to that of the two-dimensional CT images or radiographs. As a result, the mean value of the intelligibility of the 3D-CT image was 88.4±17.8 points out of 100 points. In clinical cases, it is very difficult for pet owners lacking veterinary knowledge to understand the clinical status of their pets even with explanations using illustrations, radiographs, and transverse CT images. It is considered that better informed consent and patient satisfaction will be obtained provided veterinarians make an effort towards intelligible patient education by using 3D-CT images.

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