Outcome after Repair of a Sarcoma-Related Pathologic Fracture in Dogs: A Veterinary Society of Surgical Oncology Retrospective Study

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Objective:To report outcome in dogs after internal fixation of a sarcoma-related pathologic fracture of the appendicular skeleton.Study Design:Multi-institutional case series.Animals:Dogs (n=16).Methods:Medical records of participating VSSO members were reviewed for dogs with pathologic fracture associated with a confirmed bone sarcoma of the appendicular skeleton repaired by external or internal fixation. Dogs were included if they had a histological diagnosis of osteosarcoma or sarcoma and excluded if they had radiation before fracture. Data collected were analyzed for signalment, fracture location, staging performed, method of fracture fixation, histopathology, adjunctive treatment and outcome.Results:Signalment and fracture location of 16 dogs that met the inclusion criteria was similar to dogs with appendicular OSA without fracture. One of 14 dogs had pulmonary metastasis and 3 of 5 dogs had bone metastasis. Bone plate or interlocking nail were used for repair in 12 dogs. Limb use immediately after surgery in 13 dogs was good (4), weight-bearing but lame (7) and non-weight bearing (2). Adjunctive therapy was administered in 5 dogs (chemotherapy, 3; radiation, 4; pamidronate, 3). Survival time ranged from 18 to 897 days; median survival was 166 days.Conclusions:Repair of pathologic fracture can result in palliation and prolonged survival.

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