Extraction of Fractured Cheek Teeth under Oral Endoscopic Guidance in Standing Horses

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Objective:To evaluate a technique for oral extraction of fractured cheek teeth (CT) under oral endoscopic guidance.Study Design:Case series.Animals:Horses (n=30) with fractured CT.Methods:Medical records (April 2007–August 2010) of horses that had standing oral extraction of fractured CT under endoscopic guidance were reviewed.Results:Thirty horses (median age, 11.5 years; range, 5–23 years) had 31 fractured CT (21 maxillary, 10 mandibular) removed. Midline sagittal fractures of maxillary teeth (n=13; 42%) were the most common type, followed by buccal or palatal (10; 32%), and transverse or multiple (5; 16%) fractures. Extraction under endoscopic guidance was successful for 27 (87%) teeth. Median age of the surgical failure group was 7 years (range, 5–8 years), significantly lower than that of the surgical success group (P=.0135, Mann–Whitney U-test).Conclusions:Endoscopic viewing facilitates instrument use and removal of fractured CT in standing horses.

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