Treatment of a Coxofemoral Luxation in a Pony Using a Prosthetic Capsule Technique

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Objective:To report open reduction and joint stabilization using a prosthetic capsule technique for treatment of a craniodorsal coxofemoral luxation in a lightweight pony.Study Design:Clinical report.Animals:Pony stallion (8 years old, 113 kg).Methods:A craniodorsal approach to the coxofemoral joint was performed under general anesthesia. After open reduction, a prosthetic capsule technique was used. Four 3.5 mm self-tapping cortical anchor screws were implanted: 2 screws were inserted above the cranial aspect of the dorsal acetabular rim, and 2 screws were inserted into the femoral neck. Subsequently, a #5 USP ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene suture was placed through these anchor screws in figure-8 fashion to serve as a prosthetic capsule. Routine closure and a medial patellar desmotomy completed the surgical procedure. Postoperatively, the pony was cross tied for 4 weeks to prevent it from lying down.Results:Neither short-term nor long-term complications occurred and the pony was sound at the follow-up examination performed 15 months postoperatively.Conclusions:A prosthetic capsule technique can be used successfully to stabilize the coxofemoral joint after open reduction of a craniodorsal luxation in a lightweight pony.

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