Complications and Owner Assessment of Canine Total Hip Replacement: A Multicenter Internet Based Survey
Bone Resorption Markers and Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry in Dogs with Avascular Necrosis, Degenerative Joint Disease, and Trauma of the Coxofemoral Joint
Comparison Between a Novel Bovine Xenoimplant and Autogenous Cancellous Bone Graft in Tibial Tuberosity Advancement
Effect of Intraperitoneal PERIDAN™ Concentrate Adhesion Reduction Device on Clinical Findings, Infection, and Tissue Healing in an Adult Horse Jejunojejunostomy Model
Use of Pelvic Flexure Biopsy Scores to Predict Short-Term Survival after Large Colon Volvulus
In Vitro Comparison of a Single-Layer (Continuous Lembert) versus Two-Layer (Simple Continuous/Cushing) Hand-Sewn End-to-End Jejunoileal Anastomosis in Normal Equine Small Intestine
Epsilon Aminocaproic Acid for the Prevention of Delayed Postoperative Bleeding in Retired Racing Greyhounds Undergoing Gonadectomy
Normograde and Retrograde Pinning of the Distal Fragment in Feline Humeral Fractures
Transarticular Facet Screw Stabilization and Dorsal Laminectomy in 26 Dogs with Degenerative Lumbosacral Stenosis with Instability
Endoscopic-Assisted Electrohydraulic Shockwave Lithotripsy in Standing Sedated Horses
Laparoscopic-Assisted Colpotomy for Ovariectomy in the Mare
Use of a Laparoscopic Retrieval Device for Urolith Removal through a Perineal Urethrotomy
Laparoscopic-Assisted Cystotomy and Cystostomy for Treatment of Cystic Calculus in a Gelding
Local Anesthesia and Hydro-Distension to Facilitate Cystic Calculus Removal in Horses
Evaluation of a Laryngotomy Approach for Near-Total Resection of the Nasal Septum in the Horse
Clinicopathologic Observations on Laryngoplasty Failure in a Horse
Outcomes and Complications Associated with Epicardial Pacemakers in 28 Dogs and Five Cats (2005-2010).
Intentional Marginal Excision of Canine Limb Soft Tissue Sarcomas Followed by Radiotherapy.
Additional Local Therapy with Primary Reexcision or Radiation Therapy Improves Survival and Local Control after Incomplete Surgical Excision of Mast Cell Tumors in Dogs.
Surgical Treatment of Acromegaly in Cats.
Clinical Outcome of 42 Dogs with Primary Bone Tumors of the Scapula Treated by Scapulectomy: A Veterinary Society of Surgical Oncology (VSSO) Retrospective Study.
Assessment of Postoperative Recovery, Time to Ambulation, and Urinary and Fecal Incontinence in 831 Dogs with Thoracolumbar Intervertebral Disc Disease.
Modified Ventral Stabilization Using Positive Profile Threaded Pins and Polymethylmethacrylate for Atlantoaxial Instability in 49 Dogs.
Recurrent Thoracolumbar Intervertebral Disc Extrusion after Hemilaminectomy and Concomitant Prophylactic Fenestration in 793 Chondrodystrophic Dogs.
Thoracolumbar Intervertebral Disc Extrusion in French Bulldogs: Differences from Miniature Dachshunds and Association with Congenital Vertebral Anomalies.
Lumbosacral Distraction-Fusion Using A Novel Intervertebral Distraction Spacer and Dorsally Applied Screw-Rod Fixation System for Treatment of Degenerative Lumbosacral Stenosis.
Fracture Repair in 62 Small Animal Patients Using the Pax Locking Plate System.
Biomechanical Testing of a Standardized Length of Incision for the Modified Maquet Technique.
Outcome and Complications after Dual Mobility Total Hip Replacement in Dogs (50 Cases with 6 Months Minimal Clinical and Radiographic Follow Up).
Minimally Invasive Nail Osteosynthesis for the Treatment of Femoral and Tibial Fractures in Dogs.
Minimally Invasive Plate Osteosynthesis for the Treatment of Antebrachial Fractures in Dogs.
External Skeletal Fixation for the Treatment of Acetabular Fractures in 35 Cats.
Comparison of Osteoarthritis and Long-Term Force Plate Gait Analysis for Extracapsular Reconstruction and Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy in Dogs.
Micro Total Hip Replacement in Dogs and Cats.
Prevalence, Risk Factors for, and Outcome of Postoperative Tibial Tuberosity Fractures in Dogs Undergoing TTO.
Comparison of the Effect of Locking Versus Standard Screws on the Mechanical Properties of Bone-Plate Constructs in a Comminuted Diaphyseal Fracture Model.
Mechanical Comparison of Various Loop and Crimp Configurations for Extracapsular Stabilization of the Cranial Cruciate Ligament-Deficient Stifle.
Mechanical Testing of a New Osteotomy for Tibial Tuberosity Advancement Using the Modified Maquet Technique.
MMP-2 Activity in Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease in Dogs: A Prospective Clinical Study.
Feline Ureteric Stents: Long-Term Follow Up of 21 Cases.
Long-Term Assessment of Ultrasonographic Liver Measurements, Liver Function, and Owner Satisfaction after Complete and Partial Extrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt Attenuation in Dogs.
Three-Dimensional Kinematics of the Normal Elbow at the Walk and at the Trot.
Serum Pepsinogen as a Prognostic Marker in Canine Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus.
Long-Term Results of the Efficacy of Postoperative Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Clean Orthopedic Implant Surgery in Dogs: A Prospective Randomized Study in 100 Consecutive Cases.
Application of a Novel Osteintegration Screw for Treatment of Incomplete Ossification of the Humeral Condyle in Four Dogs (Six Elbows) and Humeral Unicondylar Fracture in Addition to a Locking Plate in Four Elbows.
Evaluation of Lateral Safe Implantation Corridors in Feline Thoracolumbar Vertebrae: Computed Tomography and Clinical Studies in Eight Cats.
Hemilaminectomy and Vertebral Stabilization for Thoracolumbar Intervertebral Disc Associated Vertebral Instability in 11 Dogs.
A New Approach for Ultrasonographic Examination of the Larynx in the Dog: First Clinical Results in Healthy Dogs.
Orthotics in Small Animals: A Solution or a Complement for Orthopedics Problems.
Congenital Sternal Cleft with Patent Ductus Arteriosus in a German Sheperd Dog.
Effect of the Ventral Slot Procedure on Spinal Cord Compression in Dogs with Single Static Intervertebral Disc Disease.
Perpendicularity of Freehand Drilling in the Context of Osteo-Chondral Transfer Procedures.
Radio-Ulnar Incongruence in Elbows with FCP but No Other Cartilage Abnormalities.
Reference Values for a Visual Analog Scale Questionnaire in Nonlame Dogs.
Association of Thoracolumbar Disc Hernia Morphometry Seen on Computed Tomography with Clinical Outcome: Retrospective Study of 65 Dogs.
Cecal Inversion in a Cat.
Benefits of Thoracolumbar Lateral Corpectomy for Chronic Intervertebral Disc Disease in Dogs: Results of a 14 Years Retrospective Study of 107 Dogs in Two Veterinary Teaching Hospitals.
Computed Tomographic Evaluation of the Canine Salivary Gland Apparatus.
Outcomes and Complications of Static Hydraulic Urethral Sphincter Treatment of Urethral Sphincter Mechanism Incompetence in 12 Dogs.
Combined Superficial Gluteal Muscle Transposition Internal and Obturator Muscle Elevation to Repair a Bilateral Perineal Hernia with Bladder Retroflexion in a Female Cat.
Biomechanical Testing of Biphasic Synthetic Bone Wedges or Titanium Wedges for Advancement of the Tibial Tuberosity.
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Bandages on Restriction of the Range of Motion of the Carpus in Healthy Dogs at a Walk Using Electrogoniometry.
Combined Use of an Axial Pattern Flap and a Free Skin Graft for Closure of a Large Skin Wound in 2 Cats.
Combined Intramedullary and External Skeletal Fixation for the Management of Tarsometatarsal Luxation.
Biomechanical Comparison of the Angular Stability of Screws in the 3.5 Locking Compression Plate (LCP) and the 3.5-mm String of Pearls (SOP) Plate.
Free Proximal Cortical Ulnar Autograft for the Treatment of Distal Radial Osteosarcoma in a Dog.
Successful Treatment of Refractory Seizures with Phénobarbital, Propofol, and Medetomidine Following Congenital Portosystemic Shunt Attenuation.
Change in the Length of the Crista Tibiae Based on the Position of the Most Proximal Point of the Margo Cranialis Tibiae in the Dog.
Anatomic CORA-Based Leveling Osteotomy for the Treatment of the CCLDeficient Stifle in Juvenile Dogs and in Dogs with Excessive Tibial Plateau Angle.
An In Vitro Comparison of the Mechanical Properties of 2 Bone-Plate Constructs with 2.4-mm LCP Plates and 2.4-mm LC-DCP Plates in a Comminuted Diaphyseal Fracture Model Tested under Fatigue Conditions.
The Effect of Carpal Extension and Carpal Position on Indirect and Direct Rotation of the Radius.
Comparison of the Proliferative Potential and Chondrogenic Differentiation Potency of Stem Cells Isolated from Bone Marrow, Synovium, and Infrapatellar Fat Pad in Dogs.
Lubra Plate. Still a Technique to Use?.
Optimized Normalization of Ground Reaction Forces in a Heterogeneous Population of Dogs.
A Novel Intracapsular Stabilization Technique for Dogs with Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CRCL) Rupture: A Pilot Study in 6 Dogs.
Preputial Reconstruction after Tumor Excision: Three Cases.
Combination of Metacarpal Pad Transfer and a Thick Split-Thickness Meshed Skin Graft to Reconstruct the Weight-Bearing Surface in a Dog.
Epidural Idiopathic Sterile Pyogranulomatous Inflammation Causing Spinal Cord Compressive Injury in Four Dogs.
Investigation of the Incidence of and Risk Factors for Surgical Glove Perforation in Small Animal Surgery.
Radiographic Abnormalities of the Thoracic Vertebrae in the French Bulldog: An Epidemiological Study.
Management of Vaginal Stenosis by Ballooning Dilation under Endoscopic Guidance after Vaginourethroplasty in a Dog.
Comparison of Concurrent Imaging Modalities in Staging of Dogs with Appendicular Osteosarcoma.
Radiographic Measurement of Femoral and Tibial Alignment in Small Breed Dogs with and without Medial Patella Luxation.
Adaptation of the Bricker Urinary Diversion Technique Following Radical Cystectomy and Prostatectomy in a Dog with Transitional Cell Carcinoma.
Posthospital Discharge Procedure Specific Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Surveillance in Small Animal Patients.
Ultrasonographic Examination and Cross-Sectional Area (CSA) of the Main Tendons of the Shoulder and Elbow in German Shepherd Dogs.
Medial Humeral Epicondylitis in Cats.
Mucoid Retention Cysts of the Soft Palate in two Cats.
A New Bioactive Artificial Ligament for Intracapsular Stabilization of Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CRCL) Deficiency: A 3- and 12-Month Study in Sheep.
Grass AWN Migration in Dogs: A Retrospective Study of 23 Cases.
The Effect of Manuka Honey Gel on Transforming Growth Factor β1 and β3 Concentration, Bacterial Counts, and Histomorphology of Contaminated Full Thickness Wounds in Equine Distal Limbs.
Foaling Rates and Influencing Factors Following Colic Surgery in Pregnant Mares.
Indwelling Lateral Thoracic Vein Catheters in Horses, Their Use, Complications, and Thrombophlebitis-Associated Risk Factors.
Hand-Assisted Laparoscopic Treatment of the Left Dorsal Displacement of the Large Colon and Closure of the Nephrosplenic Space in 15 Standing Horses.
Standing Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernioplasty using Cyanoacrylate.
Use of a Hand Access Port in Hand-Assisted Laparoscopy in Horses.
Quantitative Assessment of Articular Cartilage Degeneration in Warmblood Horses with and without Dorsoproximal P1 Fragments.
The Relationship Between Synovial Fluid and Cartilage Chondroitin Sulfate-846 Epitope in a Model of Experimentally Induced Osteoarthritis in Horses Treated Intravenously with Pentosan Polysulfate, N'acetyl Glucosamine and Sodium Hyaluranon.
Synovial Serum Amyloid a After Repeated Intraarticular Administration of Amikacin into Equine Healthy Joints.
Coll2-1 and Coll2-1NO2 as Alternative Markers for Investigation of Cartilage Degradation in Horses.
Myeloperoxidase as a Novel Diagnostic Biomarker in Equine Infectious Joint Disease.
Investigation of Dorsal Displacement of the Soft Palate Observed in Horses Following Laryngoplasty Surgery.
Retrospective Multicentre Study of Deep Digital Flexor Tendon Injury within the Hoof Capsule: Does Lesion Type Predict Prognosis?.
Histological Evaluation of the Effect of 980-Nm Diode Laser Application on Soft Tissues of the Equine Larynx.
Surgical Lesions of the Small Colon in a UK Hospital Population: Lesion Types, Risk Factors, and Postoperative Survival.
Comparison of Resting and Dynamic Endoscopic Examination of the Upper Portion of the Respiratory Tract in 40 Thoroughbred Yearlings.
Relationship Between Cartilage and Subchondral Bone Lesions in Carpal Osteoarthritis in Racehorses.
Use of the Fluoroscope as a Guide for Direct Transthecal Approach to the Navicular Bursa.
Foaling Rates after Surgical Repair of Cervical Lacerations in a Trendelenburg Position.
A Comparison of Partial Ostectomy of the Dosal Spinous Processes in the Horse: Standing Sedation versus General Anesthesia (28 Cases).
Comparison of Conventional and Hydrosurgical Debridement Methods in Reducing Staphylococcus Aureus Contamination of Equine Muscle In Vitro.
Lameness Detection in Horses using Quantitative Evaluation Tool.
Radiological Differences between Uneven Feet in Foot Lame Horses Admitted for MRI in the Netherlands, to a Private and a University Equine Hospital (2003- 2010).
Soft Tissue Injuries of the Tarsocrural Joint: A Retrospective Analysis of 30 Cases Evaluated Arthroscopically.
The Effect of Activated Protein C on Second Intention Healing in Standardized, Surgically Created, Full Thickness Skin Wounds in the Distal Limbs of Horses.
Subtotal Ostectomy of Impinging Dorsal Spinous Processes in 23 Standing Horses.
Arthroscopic Optical Coherence Tomography of Cartilage Lesions in the Equine Metacarpophalangeal Joint.
Biplanar Fluoroscopic Three-Dimensional Characterization of Equine Metacarpo-Phalangeal Joint Kinematics.
Dorsal Spinous Process Resection in 18 Standing Horses.
Intraarticular Mesenchymal Stem Cell Application for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis using an Ovine Model: Longitudinal Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Radiographic Assessment.
Fragmenation of the Proximal Tubercle of the Talus; Nine Cases.
Plasma Rich in Growth Factors Improves Tendon Healing in an Experimental Model of Tenotomized Achilles Tendons in Sheep.
A Preliminary Case-Control Study to Investigate Dental Pathology as a Risk Factor for Impaction Colic in Horses.
Incidence and Frequency Distributions of 174 Fractures of the Distal Condyles of the Third Metacarpal and Metatarsal Bones in 167 Thoroughbred Racehorses (1999-2009).
Standing Ovariectomy Technique using an Open Flank Approach for Removal of Enlarged Pathologic Ovaries in Mares.
The Effect of Unfocused Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy on Distal Limb Wounds in Horses.
Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, and Safety of Marbofloxacin Administered via Regional Intravenous Limb Injection in Standing Horses.
Two Cases of Acquired Flexural Fetlock Deformity in Adult Horses Treated with Fetlock Arthrodesis.
Inflammatory Response following Small Bowell Surgery Depends on the Type of Colic. Comparison between Inguinal Hernia and Lipoma.
Effect of Water Level on Flexion and Extension of the Distal Limb Joints of Healthy Horses Walked on an Underwater Treadmill.
Small Intestinal Anastomosis in Cattle—A Retrospective Study of 61 Patients.
Computed Tomography (CT)—GuidedNeedle Insertion into Intervertebral Discs in the Ovine Lumbar Spine: A Cadaveric Study.
Effects of Local Anesthetics on Equine Cartilage.
Preliminary Evaluation of Platelet Rich Fibrin Clot (L-PRF) in Horses.
Modified Laryngeal Tie-Forward Procedure for Treatment of “Small” Cleft Palates in the Horse.
Laparoscopic Vasectomy in Free Ranging African Elephants: Surgical Technique and Results.
Analysis of 133 Computer Tomographic (CT) Examinations of the Equine Head in 113 Horses: 2008-2011.
Retrospective Analysis of the Closure of the Linea Alba Using a Simple Interrupted Suture in Ventral Midline Celiotomy in Adult Horses.
MRI Anatomy of the Ovine Lumbar Spine.
Bull Calf Castration: Effect of Different Rubber Ring Techniques on Animal Welfare.
Surgical Treatment for Acute Small Intestinal Obstruction Associated with Parascaris Equorum Infection in 13 Horses (2002-2011).
Laparoscopic Access in the Standing Horse: Corporal Condition and Cannula Insertion Technique Influence.
Laparoscopy and Capnoperitoneum Induce Significant Changes in the Horse's Peritoneal Fluid During at Least 30 Days.
Removal of Bladder Uroliths Using a Modified Laparoscopic-Assisted Technique: Two Cases.
Use of Locking Compression Plate Fixation for Ventral Cervical Arthrodesis to Treat Cervical Instability in Horses.