Challenges of Cardiopulmonary Bypass—A Review of the Veterinary Literature
Canine Intra-Articular Multipotent Stromal Cells (MSC) From Adipose Tissue Have the Highest In Vitro Expansion Rates, Multipotentiality, and MSC Immunophenotypes
Skin Temperature during Cutaneous Wound Healing in an Equine Model of Cutaneous Fibroproliferative Disorder: Kinetics and Anatomic-Site Differences
The Effect of Short- and Long-Term Treatment with Manuka Honey on Second Intention Healing of Contaminated and Noncontaminated Wounds on the Distal Aspect of the Forelimbs in Horses
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Cosmetic Reconstruction of a Nasal Plane and Rostral Nasal Skin Defect Using a Modified Nasal Rotation Flap in a Dog
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Scrotal Flap for Closure of Perineal Skin Defects in Dogs
Use of a Hard Palate Mucoperiosteal Flap for Rostral Muzzle Reconstruction in a Dog after a Traumatic Premaxillary Degloving Injury
A Biomechanical Study of Laparoscopic 4S-Modified Roeder and Weston Knot Strength in 3–0 Polyglactin 910 and 3–0 Polydioxanone
Biomechanical Comparison of Glycomer 631 and Glycomer 631 Knotless for Use in Canine Incisional Gastropexy
In Vivo Assessment of Absorbable Knotless Barbed Suture for Single Layer Gastrotomy and Enterotomy Closure
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