Progress in Equine Surgery
With Gratitude
Scintigraphic Tracking of Mesenchymal Stem Cells After Intravenous Regional Limb Perfusion and Subcutaneous Administration in the Standing Horse
Preliminary Investigation of the Treatment of Equine Medial Femoral Condylar Subchondral Cystic Lesions With a Transcondylar Screw
Ex Vivo Equine Medial Tibial Plateau Contact Pressure With an Intact Medial Femoral Condyle, With a Medial Femoral Condylar Defect, and After Placement of a Transcondylar Screw Through the Condylar Defect
Treatment of Osteochondrosis Dissecans in the Stifle and Tarsus of Juvenile Thoroughbred Horses
Comparison of Platelet Counting Technologies in Equine Platelet Concentrates
A Nonterminal Equine Mandibular Model of Bone Healing
Percutaneous Ultrasound-Guided Arterial Angiography for Transarterial Coil Placement in Anesthetized and Standing Horses
Ultrasound Guided Transarterial Coil Placement in the Internal and External Carotid Artery in Horses
Mechanical Comparison of 3 Anchoring Techniques in the Muscular Process for Laryngoplasty in the Equine Larynx
Laryngoplasty in Standing Horses
Endoscopic, Transoral, Reduction of Epiglottic Entrapment Via Wire Snare Technique
Laparoscopic-Guided Compared to Skilled Instructor Support for Student Rectal Examination Training Using Live Horses in the Veterinary Curriculum
A Preliminary Study of Silver Sodium Zirconium Phosphate Polyurethane Foam Wound Dressing on Wounds of the Distal Aspect of the Forelimb in Horses
Evaluation of 3 Handheld Portable Analyzers for Measurement of L-Lactate Concentrations in Blood and Peritoneal Fluid of Horses With Colic
Effect of Needle Brand, Needle Bevel Grind, and Silicone Lubrication on Contamination of Joints With Tissue and Hair Debris After Arthrocentesis
Identification, Management and Outcome of Postoperative Hemoperitoneum in 23 Horses After Emergency Exploratory Celiotomy for Gastrointestinal Disease
Ex Vivo Evaluation of Carpal Flexion After Partial Carpal Arthrodesis in Horses
Surgical Correction of Nephrosplenic Entrapment of the Large Colon in 3 Horses Via Standing Left Flank Laparotomy
Current Treatment of Ascending Colon Volvulus in Horses: A Survey of ACVS Diplomates