Single Incision, Laparoscopic-Assisted Ovariohysterectomy for Mucometra and Pyometra in Dogs

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Objective:To describe a single-incision, laparoscopic-assisted technique for ovariohysterectomy and its application for treatment of mucometra and pyometra in dogs.Study Design:Prospective case series.Animals:Seven dogs.Methods:Dogs were included if they had an open or closed pyometra or mucometra and an approximate uterine body diameter of less than 5 cm based on ultrasound or abdominal radiographs. Each dog underwent a laparoscopic-assisted ovariohysterectomy through a single-incision laparoscopic port.Results:The procedure was performed in 6 dogs with pyometra and 1 dog with mucometra. Conversion to an open procedure was necessary in 1 dog with uterine rupture. A 2nd port was necessary in 1 dog to exteriorize the uterine body. Median uterine body diameter was 2.2 cm (range 2–3.9). The median surgical time was 85 minutes (range 40–110). Six of 7 dogs were released from the hospital at 1 day postoperative. Follow up ranged from 7 to 421 days and no complications were reported.Conclusion:A single-incision, laparoscopic-assisted technique for pyometra was feasible in dogs, given restricted case selection and experience with single-incision laparoscopy.

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