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Assessment of radial torsion using computed tomography in dogs with and without antebrachial limb deformity
A novel approach to brachycephalic syndrome. 3. Isolated laser‐assisted turbinectomy of caudal aberrant turbinates (CAT LATE)
Calcaneal Fractures in Non‐Racing Dogs and Cats
Modified technique for common carotid artery transposition in standing horses
Biomechanical Testing and Histologic Examination of Intradermal Skin Closure in Dogs Using Barbed Suture Device and Non‐Barbed Monofilament Suture
Cranioplasty Using Titanium Mesh After Skull Tumor Resection in Five Dogs
Retrospective Evaluation of Whole Body Computed Tomography for Tumor Staging in Dogs with Primary Appendicular Osteosarcoma
Vertebral Subluxation Repair in a Pet Goat
Tensile Comparison of Polydioxanone, Polyglyconate, and Barbed Glycolide‐Trimethylene Carbonate Suture in Canine Cadaveric Tensor Fascia Lata
Biomechanical Comparison of 2 Veterinary Locking Plates to Monocortical Screw/Polymethylmethacrylate Fixation in Canine Cadaveric Cervical Vertebral Column
Closed reduction and fluoroscopic‐assisted percutaneous pinning of 42 physeal fractures in 37 dogs and 4 cats*
Radical Cystectomy and Cutaneous Ureterostomy in 4 Dogs with Trigonal Transitional Cell Carcinoma
Articular cartilage scores in cranial cruciate ligament‐deficient dogs with or without bucket handle tears of the medial meniscus
Corrective Osteotomy of a Metacarpal Deviation Caused by Fracture in a 9‐Month‐Old German Fleckvieh Heifer
C8 cross transfer for the treatment of caudal brachial plexus avulsion in three dogs
Arthroscopic approach and intra‐articular anatomy of the dorsal and plantar synovial compartments of the bovine tarsocrural joint
Treatment of a giant pulmonary emphysematous cyst with primary bronchoalveolar papillary carcinoma in a Shih Tzu dog