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Indicator gloves not better than double standard gloves
Quantification of surgical margin length changes after excision of feline injection site sarcomas—A pilot study
Clinical findings, treatment, and outcome in 11 dairy heifers with breakdown injury due to interosseous medius muscle rupture
Evaluation of a scoring system based on conformation factors to predict cranial cruciate ligament disease in Labrador Retrievers
Joint stability after canine cranial cruciate ligament graft reconstruction varies among femoral fixation sites
Laparoscopic kidney biopsy in dogs
Total laparoscopic gastropexy using 1 simple continuous barbed suture line in 63 dogs†
Use of locking compression plates in ulnar fractures of 18 horses*
Comparison of maximum force to failure of 4 thoracostomy tube connecting devices*
Computed tomographic evaluation of dynamic alteration of the canine lumbosacral intervertebral neurovascular foramina
Effect of dorsal laminectomy and dorsal annulectomy with partial lumbosacral discectomy on the volume of the lateral intervertebral neuroforamina in dogs when the lumbosacral junction is extended†
Outcomes and prognostic factors of surgical treatments for brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome in 3 breeds
Vesicopreputial anastomosis for the treatment of obstructive urolithiasis in goats
Shunt tube placement for amelioration of cerebrospinal fluid flow obstruction caused by spinal cord subarachnoid fibrosis in dogs
In vitro evaluation of square and surgeon's knots in large gauge suture
Effect of fluid media on the mechanical properties of continuous pattern‐ending surgeon's, square, and Aberdeen knots in vitro*
Femoral head ostectomy for the treatment of acetabular fracture and coxofemoral joint luxation in a Potbelly pig