Penetrating ocular gunshot injury in a Labrador Retriever

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A 3½-year-old, female (spayed) working black Labrador Retriever was referred to the Unit of Comparative Ophthalmology at the Animal Health Trust after a penetrating lead gunshot injury to the right eye. Clinical examination revealed penetrating injuries to the right cornea, left lateral canthus, and left forelimb. Radiography revealed the presence of multiple metallic foreign bodies in the head and one in the left forelimb. B-mode ocular ultrasonography confirmed the presence of an intraocular metallic foreign body within the posterior tunics of the right eye. Medical treatment of the right eye over a period of 1 month resulted in a comfortable, visual eye. Long-term follow-up over 4½ years revealed a slow deterioration in vision because of progressive lens opacification and the presence of a localized area of chorioretinopathy.

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