Efficacy of prophylactic antiglaucoma and anti-inflammatory medications in canine primary angle-closure glaucoma: a multicenter retrospective study (2004–2012)

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To evaluate long-term efficacy of antiglaucoma medications with or without combined topical anti-inflammatory treatment in preventing increased intraocular pressure and clinical signs of glaucoma in eyes considered at risk of the development of the disease.


Retrospective analysis identified 88 canine patients presenting with unilateral acute congestive primary angle-closure glaucoma (IOP > 25 mm Hg) and gonioscopic findings of pectinate ligament dysplasia and/or narrow or closed iridocorneal angle in the contralateral nonglaucomatous eye. Patients with histopathologic confirmation of pectinate ligament dysplasia or angle closure in the initial glaucomatous eye receiving prophylactic medical therapy in the contralateral eye were included. Time to medical failure for each antiglaucoma medication and efficacy of the combination therapy were evaluated.


The most commonly affected pure-breds were the American Cocker Spaniel (20.4%) and Basset Hound (11.36%). The patients receiving demecarium bromide 0.125% had the longest estimated median time to medical failure at 330.0 days, followed by latanoprost 0.005%, dorzolamide hydrochloride 2.0%, and demecarium bromide 0.25% at 284.0 days, 272.5 days, and 143.0 days, respectively. The estimated median time to medical failure for patients receiving topical antiglaucoma and anti-inflammatory medication was 324.0 days versus 195.0 days in patients receiving antiglaucoma medication alone. Survival analysis showed no statistical significance.


None of the four antiglaucoma medications evaluated statistically delayed medical failure when compared to each other. Although significance was not achieved, our data suggest that adjunctive use of topical anti-inflammatory medications may be beneficial in these cases.

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