Management of Bilateral Patellar Luxation in an Alpaca

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To report surgical management bilateral lateral patellar luxation in a mature alpaca using a combination of trochlear wedge recession (TWR), tibial tuberosity transposition (TTT), and joint capsule imbrication.

Study Design:

Clinical case report.


9-year-old castrated male Alpaca.


Bilateral, grade III/IV, lateral patellar luxation was identified by palpation, lameness examination and confirmed with radiography and ultrasonography. Surgical procedures were staged, with the left stifle treated first. Bilateral TWR, TTT, and joint capsule imbrication were performed. Outcome was assessed by radiography and follow up lameness examinations.


An immediate improvement in weight bearing occurred after surgery of the left hind limb. Five months after initial surgery, right hind limb patella luxation was corrected. After surgery on the 2nd limb, the alpaca had progressive improvement in weight bearing during hospitalization. At 12 months, there were no signs of lameness and the alpaca had resumed normal activities.


For bilateral lateral patellar luxation, a combination of TWR, TTT, and joint capsule imbrication resulted in excellent long-term outcome.

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