Surgical Correction of Angular and Torsional Metatarsal Deformity With Cylindrical Osteotomy and Locking Compression Plates in a Calf

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To report successful surgical correction of concurrent angular and torsional metatarsal deformities in a calf using a cylindrical osteotomy and locking compression plate (LCP) technology.

Study Design:

Case report.


A 10-week-old composite bull calf.


Using Paley's principles of angular limb deformity correction, a cylindrical osteotomy was performed to concurrently correct varus deformity and external torsion of the metatarsus. The limb was aligned and stabilized using two 3.5 mm broad LCP with locking head screws.


The calf was immediately weight bearing after surgery and did not experience any postoperative complications. Follow-up radiographs 5 months postoperatively revealed complete osteotomy healing and remodeling. The limb was in good alignment, the calf was fully weight bearing, and client satisfaction was very high. Telephone follow-up with the owner 16 months after surgery revealed continued full use of the operated limb and the bull was being used in a pasture breeding program.


Cylindrical osteotomy with LCP stabilization can provide a favorable outcome in angular and torsional metatarsal deformity correction in cattle.

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