Explaining Antigay Violence Using Target Congruence: An Application of Revised Routine Activities Theory

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This research examines predictors of antigay violence (physical assault, sexual assault, and property damage) using Finkelhor and Asdigian's (1996) revised routine activities theory, which predicts that target congruence increases victimization risk.1 Results indicate about half of the sample experienced at least one type of victimization, while 25% experienced two or more types. Physical violence was the most common type of antigay victimization, with property damage and sexual assault occurring less often. Having a higher level of contact with gay/lesbian organizations and being out of the closet or open about sexual orientation increases the risk of both physical assault and property damage. More frequent drinking to intoxication also increases the risk of antigay-motivated physical assault. The sexual assault model was not significant. Implications for future research and prevention are discussed.

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