The Transtheoretical Model in Intimate Partner Violence Victimization: Stage Changes Over Time

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The transtheoretical model of behavior change (TTM) has been extended to describe the process of change in victims of intimate partner violence (IPV); however, it has not been validated over time or in a population of women experiencing IPV who are not currently in shelter. This article examines the process of change in IPV victims longitudinally and identifies factors that may relate to staging and stage progression. Fifty-three women were enrolled on presentation to an emergency department for health care treatment and completed follow-up at 3 to 4 months. Measures of TTM staging, use of community resources, ongoing abuse, mental health, and social support were collected. Cluster analyses were conducted, and descriptive summaries of clusters and significant demographic, abuse, and outcome variables related to cluster membership are presented. A five-cluster solution was selected on the basis of parsimony, theory, and overall coherence with the data. Forward progression through the stages over time was related to both the use of community resources and ending the IPV relationship.

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