Editorial Introduction
Consensus Statement
What is the nature of the problem?
Hepatitis C
How should we manage the patient?
What is the best treatment?
What lies ahead and can we afford it?
SA01 Virology
SA02 Epidemiology
SA03 Natural history of chronic hepatitis C
SA04 The patient profile – UK and beyond
SA05 Risk behaviour – harm reduction
SA06 Who and how to screen – engaging the population
SA07 Primary care setting – including primary care prevention
SA08 Secondary care – including clinic design
SA09 Nurse led clinics and counselling
SA10 Best treatment for chronic HCV in 2004
SA11 Selection of patients for treatment
SA12 Cirrhosis and its complications – need for surveillance
SA13 Liver transplantation
SA14 Cost effectiveness
SA15 Future HCV data collection in Scotland
SA16 New drug treatments
SA17 Complementary medicine
SA18 Living with hepatitis C – a patient's perspective
SA19 Beyond the SNAP report – where next for those living with hep C?
SA20 What the papers say