Chronic hepatitis C: the virus, its discovery and the natural history of the disease
Report from the International Symposium on viral hepatitis, 24-25 October 1997, Warsaw, Poland
Degree and distribution of variability in the 5′ untranslated, E1, E2/NS1 and NS5 regions of the hepatitis C virus (HCV)
Incidence and clinical significance of hepatitis B virus precore gene translation initiation mutations in e antigen-negative patients
Response to interferon therapy: influence of human leucocyte antigen alleles in patients with chronic hepatitis C
Prediction of cirrhosis in patients with chronic hepatitis C infection by artificial neural network analysis of virus and clinical factors
A comparative trial of two surface subunit recombinant hepatitis B vaccines vs a surface and PreS subunit vaccine for immunization of healthy adults
Relationship between biochemical and virological responses to interferon therapy in chronic hepatitis C infection
Prevalence and determinants of hepatitis A virus exposure among prison entrants in Queensland, Australia: implications for public health control