Viral hepatitis and primates: historical and molecular analysis of human and nonhuman primate hepatitis A, B, and the GB-related viruses
NS5A mutations predict biochemical but not virological response to interferon-α treatment of sporadic hepatitis C virus infection in European patients
Historical features are poor predictors of liver fibrosis in Canadian patients with chronic hepatitis C
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African Americans with genotype 1 treated with interferon for chronic hepatitis C have a lower end of treatment response than Caucasians
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Randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial with interferon-α with and without amantadine sulphate in primary interferon-α nonresponders with chronic hepatitis C
Interferon-α plus amantadine in chronic hepatitis C resistant to interferon alone: a pilot randomized study
Ribavirin treatment in dialysis patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection – a pilot study
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Prevalence and genotype distribution of TT virus in various specimen types from thalassaemic patients