Hepatitis C and human immune deficiency coinfection at the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy
Expression of the hepatitis C virus structural proteins in mammalian cells induces morphology similar to that in natural infection
Quantitative and functional differences in CD8+ lymphocyte responses in resolved acute and chronic hepatitis C virus infection
Hypervariable region 1 quasispecies in hepatitis C virus genotypes 1b and 3 infected patients with normal and abnormal alanine aminotransferase levels
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Incident hepatitis C virus infection in a community-based population in Japan
World-wide epidemiology of HBeAg-negative chronic hepatitis B and associated precore and core promoter variants
Epidemiological changes in hepatitis C virus genotypes in France: evidence in intravenous drug users
Progressive hepatic fibrosis in healthy carriers of hepatitis C virus with a transaminase breakthrough
Sarcoidosis in two patients with chronic hepatitis C treated with interferon, ribavirin and amantadine