Hepatitis B virus epidemiology, disease burden, treatment, and current and emerging prevention and control measures
Do Taq-generated RT-PCR products from RNA viruses accurately reflect viral genetic heterogeneity?
Secondary structure and hybridization accessibility of the hepatitis C virus negative strand RNA 5′-terminus
Dynamic analysis of hepatitis B virus DNA and its antigens in 2.2.15 cells
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Type I interferon receptor and response to interferon therapy in chronic hepatitis C patients
Lamivudine prophylaxis for prevention of chemotherapy-induced hepatitis B virus reactivation in hepatitis B virus carriers with malignancies
Interferon treatment improves survival in chronic hepatitis C patients showing biochemical as well as virological responses by preventing liver-related death
Comparison of quality of life, work productivity and medical resource utilization of peginterferon alpha 2a vs the combination of interferon alpha 2b plus ribavirin as initial treatment in patients with chronic hepatitis C
Improving the accuracy of long-term prognostic estimates in hepatitis C virus infection
Influence of HFE gene polymorphism on the progression and treatment of chronic hepatitis C
Reversible myopathy during successful treatment with pegylated interferon and ribavirin for acute hepatitis C
Does twice-weekly administration of peginterferon alfa-2b really improve viral kinetics in patients with chronic hepatitis C genotype 1?
Response to Article by Formann et al. (2003)
Rebuttal to letters by Buti and Esteban, and Jacobsen and McHutchison