Molecular and serological characterization of hepatitis B virus in deferred Ghanaian blood donors with and without elevated alanine aminotransferase
B7-H1 expression is upregulated in peripheral blood CD14+ monocytes of patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection, which correlates with higher serum IL-10 levels
Improved outcome of chronic hepatitis B after heart transplantation by long-term antiviral therapy
Type-IV Indian swine HEV infects rhesus monkeys
Detection of a 5′ end subgenome of hepatitis C virus terminating at nucleotide 384 in patients' plasma and liver tissues
siRNA-resistance in treated HCV replicon cells is correlated with the development of specific HCV mutations
HCV-related advanced fibrosis/cirrhosis
Associations of tumour necrosis factor alpha promoter polymorphisms at position −308 and −238 with clinical characteristics of chronic hepatitis C
A case–control study of risk factors for hepatitis C infection in patients with unexplained routes of infection*
Treatment rates in patients with chronic hepatitis C after liver biopsy