Opportunities for treating chronic hepatitis B and C virus infection using RNA interference
Epidemiological characteristics and response to peginterferon plus ribavirin treatment of hepatitis C virus genotype 4 infection
Immunomodulators, sFas and Fas-L as potential noninvasive predictors of IFN treatment in patients with HCV genotype-4
Long-term surveillance of haematopoietic stem cell recipients with resolved hepatitis B
Somatic hypermutation and mRNA expression levels of the BCL-6 gene in patients with hepatitis C virus-associated lymphoproliferative diseases*
Analysis of the relationship between cytokine secretion and proliferative capacity in hepatitis C virus infection
Liver injury is associated with enhanced regulatory T-cell activity in patients with chronic hepatitis B
An hepatitis B virus surface antigen specific single chain of variable fragment derived from a natural immune antigen binding fragment phage display library is specifically internalized by HepG2.2.15 cells
Defects in the apoptotic machinery are associated with hepatic damage