Hepatitis A and B vaccination and public health
The natural history of chronic hepatitis B
Hepatitis B virus genetic diversity and its impact on diagnostic assays
Deficiencies in the standardization and sensitivity of diagnostic tests for hepatitis B virus
Hepatocyte turnover in transient and chronic hepadnavirus infections
Antiviral-resistant hepatitis B virus
Management of hepatitis B in liver transplant recipients
Adoptive T-cell therapy as a therapeutic option for chronic hepatitis B
Therapeutic vaccination in chronic hepatitis B
Treatment of chronic hepatitis D
Hepatitis C virus infection
The scavenger receptor BI and its ligand, HDL
Practical use of hepatitis C virus kinetics monitoring in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C
Antiviral therapy
Risk factors for hepatitis C recurrence after liver transplantation
Vaccines and immunotherapies against hepatitis B and hepatitis C viruses