Interferon monotherapy of chronic hepatitis C in dialysis patients
Lamivudine prevents reactivation of hepatitis B and reduces mortality in immunosuppressed patients
Hepatitis B viral DNA is methylated in liver tissues
Switching patients with lamivudine resistant chronic hepatitis B virus from tenofovir to adefovir results in less potent HBV-DNA suppression
Inferior response of Asian vs non-Asian hepatitis C genotype 3 infection to combination antiviral therapy
The course of hepatitis C viraemia in transfusion recipients prior to availability of antiviral therapy
Hepatic steatosis in chronic hepatitis C
Defective response to Toll-like receptor 3 and 4 ligands by activated monocytes in chronic hepatitis C virus infection
Cytokine mRNA expression in hepatitis C virus infection
Digestive endoscopies are not a risk factor for transmission of virus C