Chronic hepatitis B
Immunogenicity of CIGB-230, a therapeutic DNA vaccine preparation, in HCV-chronically infected individuals in a Phase I clinical trial
Thyroid function and changes in ultrasound morphology during antiviral therapy with pegylated interferon and ribavirin in patients with chronic hepatitis C
An independent and prospective comparison of two commercial fibrosis marker panels (HCV FibroSURE and FIBRO Spect II) during albinterferon alfa-2b combination therapy for chronic hepatitis C
Reverse genetic analysis of a putative, influenza virus M2 HXXXW-like motif in the p7 protein of hepatitis C virus
Epidemiology, course and disease burden of chronic hepatitis B virus infection. HEPNET study for chronic hepatitis B
Impact of adefovir dipivoxil on liver fibrosis and activity assessed with biochemical markers (FibroTest–ActiTest) in patients infected by hepatitis B virus
Simian hepatitis A virus derived from a captive rhesus monkey in India is similar to the strain isolated from wild African green monkeys in Kenya
Improvingblood-borne viral diagnosis; clinical audit of the uptake of dried blood spot testing offered by a substance misuse service