Hepatitis E: source and route of infection, clinical manifestations and new developments
A systematic analysis of the predicted human La protein targets identified a hepatitis B virus infection signature
Phosphorylation of human La protein at Ser366 by casein kinase II contributes to hepatitis B virus replication and expression in vitro
The metabolic regulator PGC-1α links anti-cancer cytotoxic chemotherapy to reactivation of hepatitis B virus
A novel stop codon mutation within the hepatitis B surface gene is detected in the liver but not in the peripheral blood mononuclear cells of HIV-infected individuals with occult HBV infection
Hepatitis B virus X gene differentially modulates cell cycle progression and apoptotic protein expression in hepatocyte versus hepatoma cell lines
IL28B polymorphisms predict response to therapy among chronic hepatitis C patients with HCV genotype 4
Therapy-induced clearance of HCV core antigen from plasma predicts an end of treatment viral response
Noninvasive estimation of fibrosis progression overtime using the FIB-4 index in chronic hepatitis C