Abdominal fat interacts with PNPLA3 I148M, but not with the APOC3 variant in the pathogenesis of liver steatosis in chronic hepatitis C
Long-term clearance of hepatitis C virus following interferon α-2b or peginterferon α-2b, alone or in combination with ribavirin
Serum microRNA-122 kinetics in patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection during antiviral therapy
Adherence to PEG/ribavirin treatment for chronic hepatitis C: prevalence, patterns, and predictors of missed doses and nonpersistence
Knowledge about infection is the only predictor of treatment in patients with chronic hepatitis C
Ex vivo analysis of resident hepatic pro-inflammatory CD1d-reactive T cells and hepatocyte surface CD1d expression in hepatitis C
Complementary laboratory indices for predicting the disease status of patients with hepatitis B virus infection
Demographic and serological characteristics of Asian Americans with hepatitis B infection diagnosed at community screenings
Increased regulatory T cells and impaired functions of circulating CD8 T lymphocytes is associated with viral persistence in Hepatitis B virus-positive newborns
Evidence that pulmonary vascular pathology explains the decline in lung function associated with interferon α based therapies for chronic hepatitis C virus